We press olive oil as it was done over a thousand years ago

At Biocalaceite we capture the flavor of another age,
pressing the oil with large millstones.


Unique features of our olive oil

Centennial and millennial trees

Organic farming and indigenous olives

Olives in a mixed landscape with mountains and pine forests

Olives crushed with large millstones

Olive oil purified naturally

Biocalaceite products

By obtaining our olive oil with the same method that was used a thousand years ago,

we can be sure of making a natural and high quality product.


John Barras

John Barrass

These olives are beautifully smooth in texture. I like this traditional style,

not too salty and the skins are softer than usual. Well worth seeking out.

Calaceite, a town with history

The earliest documents that have been found about Calaceite date from 1180, after the reconquest of the Arabs by the knights of the military order of Calatrava.

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