Organic and rainfed farming

At Biocalaceite we are completely committed to the environment and your health, so we only work with organic crops.

Thanks to the fact that we have been working the same fields for centuries, we have learned how to control pests and adapt to times of drought. Olive
trees, thanks to their structure and having deep roots, can access the groundwater that accumulates in the subsoil during rainy seasons and store the water inside their trunk. To the point that if you pluck an authentic olive tree like ours, when it is outside the earth, branches sprout again from the trunk.

During times of extreme drought, which happens sometimes.  When the olives are still small, the olive trees  drop them to the ground and produce nothing, but it survives.  That is why it is said that the olive tree is a wise tree.

Biocalaceite - Aceitunas

It is important to note that we only work with rainfed agriculture, which means that our water footprint is 0. We do not consume a liter of water for our crops, they only receive rainwater directly to the tree that is later absorbed by the roots and the rest moves underground without ever having come into contact with any chemical or pesticide. This way we keep the subsoil ecosystem healthy and balanced.

We give that nature makes its own cycles and in thisway, together with the characteristics of the land of Calaceite, we get an organic olive oil, pure and 100% natural.