Olives in a mixed landscape with mountains and pine forests

When we observe the area of Calaceite, we can appreciate fields with different crops. Mainly olive trees, but also accompanied by almond trees and vineyards. All located between mountains and pine forests. This provides us with crop biodiversity which maintains the balance of the ecosystem avoiding pests and regenerating year after year in a natural and ecological way.

For a greater use of the land, the olive trees are planted on terraces which we call “bancals”. To create the “terraces” the stones of the mountains were used and large walls were built forming terraces on the slopes of these, in order to cultivate in them. This helps to retain rainwater and gives us a better use of the land without overcrowding, since, being located in the valleys at different levels, there is a lot of space between them, andthis allows everything to be in contact with the sun and the air to flow