How to make an authentic Spanish gazpacho

Gazpacho is a cold soup with ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar and raw vegetables: usually tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and garlic. Gazpacho is usually served with bread and enjoyed as a chilled appetizer in the hot summer months. Ingredients 750g tomato 1 cucumber 110ml Biocalaceite filtered olive oil 1 tablespoon vinegar 20g salt 1 clove […]

How to make a Cantabrian salad with salted anchovies

Prepare a very simple, fast and healthy dish for any occasion, as a main course or side-dish, getting the most out of some of the best summer ingredients in Spain. Ideal to surprise your friends on summer days, or when you are short of time. Ingredients: 200g tomato 2 lettuce hearts 150mg liquid cream for […]

How to prepare a time-honoured Spanish tortilla

Tortilla is a typical Spanish dish ideal to surprise your friends on all kinds of occasions. It is a really rich, nutritious and traditional recipe.It is a dish that can be eaten hot or cold. It goes down very well at any type of event or picnic. Ingredients 400g peeled and chopped potato 8 eggs […]

How to prepare homemade Spanish alioli sauce

Alioli is a typical sauce of the Mediterranean cooking, formed by mixing olive oil and garlic. Ideal to accompany any dish on any occasion. Ingredients 1 clove garlic1 egg 10g salt 150ml Biocalaceite filtered olive oil  Preparation  Get ready a blender, a container and all the ingredients. Put the egg, salt and garlic clove into the […]

How to prepare a delicious apple cake

  Con Biocalaceite tu aprenderás cómo elaborar deliciosos postres como esta tarta de manzana. Todos sabemos que la tarta de manzana es una receta internacional, esta en concreto es única, ya que está elaborada con nuestro exclusivo aceite de oliva Biocalaceite filtrado. Una oportunidad para sorprender a tus amigos con una tarta de manzana auténtica. […]

How to make an authentic jamón Serrano pizza

La pizza de jamón serrano es un plato donde se juntan varios de los mejores ingredientes de la dieta mediterránea. Para este plato cogemos la base de la pizza de Italia y le añadimos ingredientes típicos de España. Esta pizza tiene un gran éxito, especialmente entre los más jóvenes.   Ingredientes PARA LA MASA 400g […]