How to make a Cantabrian salad with salted anchovies

Prepare a very simple, fast and healthy dish for any occasion, as a main course or side-dish, getting the most out of some of the best summer ingredients in Spain.

Ideal to surprise your friends on summer days, or when you are short of time.



 Get ready all the ingredients:

Wash the tomato and lettuce. Cut the tomato into slices around a centimetre thick and chop the lettuce hearts in four parts. The hearts are always cut lengthwise.

Place the tomato slices and the lettuce hearts on the plate so that they form the base of the salad. Sprinkle on 10g of salt.

Reserve about eight anchovies for the final decoration; the rest we use to make the anchovy sauce. Blend the cream, the Biocalaceite filtered olive oil and the anchovies in a container to a light, creamy texture.

Decorate the dish with Biocalaceite olives in brine, and spoon the sauce over part of the lettuce.

Add the anchovies that we have kept for garnishing.

Now add the cheese in shavings.

And finally sprinkle with Balsamic vinegar to taste and we have our Cantabrian salad ready to eat.