Trees from another age

From the olive trees planted by the first setlers,
Empeltre has emerged as the best adapted variety.

Sustainable farming

Since the introduction of the first olive trees by the Greeks and Phoenicians more than 2,500 years ago, collection techniques have evolved in an extraordinary way, yet the original principles are still observed.

A unique product

The trees are not artificiali irrigated, receiving only rainfall. Together with the characteristics of Calaceite soil, this gives a unique and truly outstanding product.

Time-honoured pressing

As with harvesting, processing techniques have also evolved. At Biocalaceite we do not favour the result of modern processing techniques, since although efficiency may be greater, the result is nowhere near the same.

Pure 100% natural olive oil

By making our olive oil by the same method that was used a thousand years ago,
we can be sure that we get a natural and high quality product.