A unique product

Biocalaceite - Aceitunas

The unirrigated cultivation of olive trees means that they receive nothing more than rainwater from the sky, which is scarce, especially in the summer months. These growing conditions produce different, special and unique flavor notes in their oils and olives. To the point that, if the same trees are planted in another region, we get a different product. This is because there is no other place in the world where the climatic and land characteristics that can develop this type of crop coincide.

We can see that the distances between the trees are ten meters, giving enough nutrients to the soil for them and their fruit to develop perfectly. We also leave spaces for woodland and time enough for the environment to recover naturally, without applying chemicals. We have to remember that the nutrients of the fruit, in this case the olives, come from the earth. If we planted the trees closer together and forced their development with irrigation and chemical additives, we would obtain greater production and profit, but obviously the product would not be the same, since we would not be letting the earth make its recovery cycle in a natural way.

We are certain of what we are talking about, because the vast majority of the trees are centennial, some millennial, and year after year, whether they yield little or greatly, they still offer us high quality olives. The Empeltre olive has a special softness, a texture which is retained in cooking. Its high polyphenol content makes this oil a natural antioxidant. It is proven that daily consumption helps to prevent disease and delays aging.

With Biocalaceite, besides taking care of your health, you will enjoy…

…the Flavor from another age