Time-honoured pressing


As with harvesting, processing techniques have also evolved. At Biocalaceite we do not favour the result of modern processing techniques, since although efficiency may be greater, the result is nowhere near the same.

We make olive oil as it was made more than a thousand years ago. First we crush the olives with large stone wheels. The resulting paste is placed in a column made up of what we call cofins. Once we have the complete column of cofins, we transfer this to the press, where pressure is applied to extract the oil found in the olive paste. Then the oil flows through the cofins. The pressed olive oil is not ready yet, since olives naturally also contain water.

We now we separate the oil from the water by decanting, that is, the oil weighs less than the water and it rises to the top. Through various tanks the oil is purified in a natural way.

With this method, avoiding any stress, we get an olive oil that is pure, organic and 100% natural.