Centennial and millennial trees

At Biocalaceite we continue to cultivate using the same principles as the first farmers more than 2,500 years ago.

The vast majority of trees are hundreds and some thousands of years old, which is a total guarantee that they have not been genetically modified to accelerate their growth, as is the case with 99% of today’s food crops.

We have cultivated using the same principles for centuries. The distances between the trees are 10 metres, and although this means that we obtain a smaller crop, in return this offers us great benefits:

  1. We leave space for the air to flow, which favours ecological cultivation in a highly positive way.
  2. There are more natural nutrients per tree. The nutrients of the fruit come from the earth, so fewer trees with more soil means more nutrients for each individual tree.
  3. We succeed in growing olives without artificial irrigation and without synthetic fertilizers since, having enough space, there is no competition between the trees.
  4. No matter how many years pass, the trees can always stay in their own space, so they will never disturb each other, in contrast to intensive cropping methods.
  5. The trees are pruned and harvested individually by the farmers, taking care of each one of them.